System Software

Portals Support
  • Customer
  • Broker
  • Third party
  • Employees
Office Modules Concept
  • Contact
  • Policies
  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Reporting
  • Documents

Solution to support the entire insurance business operations. One solution or separate Office modules.

Contact Office

Integration Benefits
  • Customers, employees, brokers, banks, claimants, 3rd parties, witnesses, with all their pertinent info - phone number, addresses, email etc
Flexibility Benefits
  • Extensive and quick search avoids duplication
  • Identifies various role single party plays through system

1st Component of IPM, keep track of all the people and companies that you deal with.

Policy Office

Integration Benefits
  • Foundation of one system
  • Line of Business, the objects types you insure and the associated products
Flexibility Benefits
  • Driven by data setup
  • Validation rules, elements and factors are dynamically configured
  • Great variety of insurance objects

Here we search the flexibility of the application, and ensure that you only need one system.

Underwriting Office

Integration Benefits
  • The workflow is the same regardless of line of business
  • Guided by business rules defined in Product Definition
Flexibility Benefits
  • Fixed or Renewal contracts
  • Manually of automatically calculated premiums
  • Broker or direct
  • With/out re-insurance
  • History of all policy and proposal versions

Controls the creation and maintenance of proposals, policies and endorsements. Supports both single policy and fleet style policies.

Billing Office

Integration Benefits
  • Invoiced and Written Premiums, Commission due or pro-rata premiums for endorsements, installments and renewal handling etc
  • Common interfaces are available to handle payment matching, collection assignments and approved payments via transfer mapped to format used by Bank
Flexibility Benefits
  • Single bill, multiple policies
  • Following up on payments
  • Aging of outstanding premiums by line of business, customer, brokers etc
  • With/out re-insurance
  • History of all policy and proposal versions

Stores all the financial transaction about policies and claims.

Claims Office

Integration Benefits
  • Checks policy status to ensure only covered objects and products will be available
  • Reserves are automatically of manually defined at damage type per product, keeping detailed statistics
Flexibility Benefits
  • Decision tables dynamically controls coverage and who gets paid
  • Payment and autorization controls
  • Handling of recoveries, registration of incoming invoices, automatic calculation of deductibles

Stores general description data of the claims.

Reporting Office

Integration Benefits
  • Invoiced and Written Premiums, Commissions or Claims Costs paid, by Customer, by Broker, by Line of Business, by Product, by business division over whatever period is only a few keystrokes away
  • For example, claims ratios by policy (Single or Fleet), or by customer, by broker, by line of Business etc.
Flexibility Benefits
  • Relational database
  • Strength of tools on both the System i and the PC (Microsoft Office, Excel etc.)
  • Make tailor made information based on your demand extremely easy

Quality and Quantity of data stored at source of policy and claims initiation offer a greater variety information.

Document Office

Integration Benefits
  • PDF files
  • Image
  • Policy
  • Claims, dDamages etc.
  • All attached to Policy number or Claims number or other pertinent identifier
Flexibility Benefits
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office and all of its applications

Combination of secure and reliable application the IBM i.

What is IPM Broker?
IPM is an acronym for Insurance Policy Management.
IPM is a modularly structured system, which is 100% integrated with Navision. Together the modules form a complete tool for managing Customers, Agreements, Proposals, Financial Transactions and many more insurance and business related tasks. With IPM being created as an add-on, no changes to Navision are required when applying and using IPM. 
Who is the target market?
The system was designed and developed with the largest insurance broker companies in mind, but is scaled so even one-man companies can utilise and benefit from it. Brokers are able to define system settings as they require, and all without the need for programmers.

Who developed IPM Broker?
IPM was created through a partnership between Combo IT, which for more than 10 years has been selling and implementing Navision solutions, and Group Solution, which has over 20 years experience in the insurance business. While individually focusing on what we are best at, we have, through this partnership, produced an unbeatable insurance broker solution!

Who currently uses IPM Broker?
There is a number of insurance brokers that use IPM, one of which is Bækmark & Kvist, one of Denmark's leading insurance brokers. More details of which can be found in the "References" section.