What is IPM Broker?
IPM is an acronym for Insurance Policy Management.
IPM is a modularly structured system, which is 100% integrated with Navision. Together the modules form a complete tool for managing Customers, Agreements, Proposals, Financial Transactions and many more insurance and business related tasks. With IPM being created as an add-on, no changes to Navision are required when applying and using IPM. 
Who is the target market?
The system was designed and developed with the largest insurance broker companies in mind, but is scaled so even one-man companies can utilise and benefit from it. Brokers are able to define system settings as they require, and all without the need for programmers.

Who developed IPM Broker?
IPM was created through a partnership between Combo IT, which for more than 10 years has been selling and implementing Navision solutions, and Group Solution, which has over 20 years experience in the insurance business. While individually focusing on what we are best at, we have, through this partnership, produced an unbeatable insurance broker solution!

Who currently uses IPM Broker?
There is a number of insurance brokers that use IPM, one of which is Bækmark & Kvist, one of Denmark's leading insurance brokers. More details of which can be found in the "References" section.