The origin of ipm-solution dates back to the early nineties and is located at the Danish unit of the Zurich Financial Services Group (ZFS).

Over the years Zurich System House - an internal IT-group belonging to ZFS - was formed to support implementations in various countries around the globe (Greece, Portugal, Canada, USA, Nederland, Morocco, Belgium and Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, Hungary and Czech Republic). Lessons learned from each of these implementations have largely contributed to a continuous internal enhancement process whereby more business knowledge becomes stored as setup-data rather than coded in programs. Therefore a new implementation is more an exercise in configuration with a reduced need for program changes due to specific requirements.

around mid-2002, Group-Solution ApS was founded as a stand-alone company, taking over the marketing rights for ipm-solution. The team from Group-Solution consists of highly skilled individuals, with a proven track record in both insurance know-how and international implementations. All have worked with ipm-solution for several years already, some even since its original conception.